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JOB DESCRIPTION -  INSULATION WORKER - Installation of various insulation products and finishes on mechanical systems on commercial and industrial construction sites.


DURATION - Five (5) year program.


EDUCATION - High School Diploma/GED recommended but not required.


ON THE JOB TRAINING - 10,000 hours (1,700 hours – 2,000 hours per year.)


TERRITORY - The State of Arizona.


TYPE OF WORK - Thermal mechanical insulation of pipes, boilers, vessels, etc., and fire stopping throughout the commercial and industrial insulation industries.


RELATED TRAINING - 144 hours per year, Saturday/Evening School Sessions.


WAGES - 55% of journeyman wage with pay increases yearly.  ($ 15.33/ hour to $ 16.46/hour)


BENEFITS - Paid medical and pension benefits after first year.


TRAVEL - Work may involve travel though-out the entire State of Arizona.

                  Transportation provided by the apprentice.


INTEREST - Must possess interest and aptitude for the trade; and willingness to apply oneself to OJT, classroom instruction, and ability to work well with others.


PROBATION PERIOD - One (1) year, after acceptance in the program.


AGE - Minimum 18 years of age.


PHYSICAL - Obtain a Doctor’s statement as to ability to work at the trade.


DRUG SCREENING - Applicants will be required to pass pre-employment drug screening.


COLLEGE CREDIT - Will receive college credit with GateWay Community College.


VETERANS BENEFITS - Program is approved for Veterans benefits.


JOB REQUIREMENTS - Employers and site owners may require drug screening and background before individuals are allowed to work on some jobsites.


APPLICATIONS - Accepted on the third Wednesday of the month.

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at 2601 E. Monroe Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Call program coordinator to confirm date and time at 602-267-9152

*Further information will be given at the time of application.