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                Conserving Energy and Improving the Environment

 The effect of Mechanical Insulation on energy efficiency and the environment is staggering. The work being done by the professionals of the International Association of Heat and Frost Workers and their Signatory Contractors will save you money and improve the environment.

Inadequate and poorly installed mechanical insulation around heating and cooling systems is, by far, the biggest cause of both lost energy and money. As heating and cooling rates continue to increase, it becomes apparent how much this lost energy affects your pocketbook and how it contributes to global warming. When insufficient insulation is improperly installed, energy seeps out-- costing us billions of dollars. Using less energy means generating less carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming.

The State of Arizona should join other states and establish a state plan to become more energy efficient.  The starting point would be to do energy audits on existing state buildings and replace worn out and missing insulation on mechanical systems and to upgrade to optimum insulation thicknesses where possible.  This would save thousands of dollars for taxpayers, provide needed jobs and would be great for the environment with a substantial return on investment.  Maintenance of Mechanical Insulation on Mechanical systems will save money, reduce the loss of energy, and cut down on global warming. 

 Mechanical Insulation is the forgotten technologyOur members work in the “Green Industry”.  Every time an insulator puts on a section of insulation more energy will be saved.  Our craft is the only one that will pay for itself in energy savings over a relative short period of time.  We are training our apprentices on how to correctly install insulation.  For insulation to be at its maximum effectiveness it must be installed properly. Many skilled workers in our industry will be ready for retirement soon.  We will need to replenishing our retiring workforce for the future.  With more emphasis to insulate to save energy we will need a larger number of apprentices to be trained on-the-job and in the classroom.  Solar energy is becoming more important to our region.  We insulate the associated piping and equipment on parabolic mirror solar and solar tower installations. All insulation adds more value to energy conservation on industrial, commercial, and residential energy users.  There is a need to show customers how they can save money and conserve energy using energy evaluation tools that are available or having an energy audit.  The energy audit can show customers about energy savings through insulation. 

The Arizona Heat and Frost Insulators Local #73 can direct them to a qualified insulation contractor that can provide them Mechanical Insulation assistance.