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 Steve Tilford - Secretary

Farwest Insulation

Steve Husbands 

Farwest Insulation

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International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local #73 JATC Trustees


Casey Wolfe - Local #73



 Curtis Wolf - Local #73


Rudy Jaramillo - Local #73


Caleb Cate - Local #73












Shawn Riley Instructor

Caleb Cate Instructor



Arizona Heat and Frost Insulators Apprenticeship

The Arizona Heat and Frost Insulators Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program has been training apprentices since 1970.  The program is a Union construction training program and is affiliated with the International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local #73, Phoenix Arizona.  

The program is registered with the Department of Labor and is over seen by the Arizona State Apprenticeship Office.  The program is approved for veteran benefits.


    Arizona Heat & Frost Insulators Joint Apprenticeship

                           And Training Committee 


The JATC is comprised of 6 trustees; three of the trustees are management representatives appointed by the management group and three are appointed from Local #73.  The JATC is responsible for following the program Apprenticeship Standards and may set rules and regulations for implementation of the program.  The trustees select apprentices into the apprenticeship as outlined in the program standards.

The committee hires the coordinator to administer the program and qualified instructors to teach the trade to the apprentices.  The JATC has approved a curriculum to be taught in the classroom.  The JATC tracks the classroom and work progress of each apprentice and works to ensure that the apprentices are receiving the best possible training.  They monitor the apprentice work process hours and the monthly evaluations submitted by the contractor for each apprentice. 

The JATC is responsible for the funding of the JATC; to make sure all money is spend prudently and wisely for the benefit of the apprenticeship program only.


                               Training Center

The Training Center is owned by the Phoenix Bricklayers and Tile Setters JATC. 

It is located at 2601 E. Monroe Street Phoenix, Arizona.  The facility has one large classroom and 3 smaller classrooms, one is used as a metal shop.  Most of the hands on work is done outside in the back of the building.  The apprenticeship office is also located in the building as well.